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Aug. 29th, 2006 @ 11:55 pm (no subject)
I recently started the Jenny Craig program. It’s a 1200 calorie diet, but I really don’t count calories, so I just follow that personalized (since I’m a picky eater) meal and snack plan and any free foods that I can find like Jello.

Day 1, a.k.a Sunday
Jenny Cuisine French toast with berry mix
Praline “Anytime Bar”
Jenny Cuisine Personal Pizza, cheese only
Jenny Cuisine Cheese Curls
Jenny Cuisine Chicken Alfrado
Lots and lots of water

JC now equals Jenny Cuisine

Day 2, Monday
JC Complete Start Cereal(dry)
14 oz of milk
Praline Anytime Bar
JC Chicken sandwich (plan)
Small container of strawberries from Giant
JC Mac and cheese
JC Double Chocolate cake

Day 3, Tuesday
JC Strawberry bar
Cup of vanilla milk
Venti Soy Vanilla Crème
JC personal pizza
Welch’s berries n’ cherries gummies (sugar free all natural) but I didn’t eat the cherries
JC popcorn
JC Fish and chips, but the fish wouldn’t go down so I eat the chips and cooked three small cubes of beef.
At least two liters of water
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